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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Finally started at the bench today. Began a pair of thick hoops for my friend Diana who lives in San Francisco. Its nice to be able to make things for people I care about. I sat on this one awhile. For about a year to be exact. I anguished about the design for some reason. Guess I dont want to let her down, as this pair of earrings has special meaning for her. That's alot of responsibility,and yet my customers entrust me with making something for their loved ones. A woman brought in an australian opal about a month ago. She has had the opal for about 20 years and recently decided to have it made into a pendant for her nieces birthday. I have made wedding bands, commitment rings, anniversary rings. I am honored and humbled by these requests.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Art Block

I'm supposed to make jewelry today and talk about it, but I don't feel like it. I think I'm having "Art Block", like writer's has happened to me before.....prior to opening Argentum, months would go by before I would visit my studio (aka the basement, which I lovingly referred to as "il basiment0" to make it sound more exotic). I would go downstairs to do my laundry and feel very sheepish about looking over to the side of "il basimento" that housed my "studio". I somehow felt guilty, as if I had been neglecting a good friend. These past two days I have brushed past my jeweler's bench more than 25 times, I am certain, and I haven't yet made real eye contact with it yet. What's my problem????? I have been busy with other things, but avoiding the bench. I have been printing more digital cards and pictures for the wall, I emptied out a hutch in the store room so the landlord can take it, had a few customers, made a few sales. I guess maybe the creative process cant be forced. As my mother always says "I have to be in the mood to draw, Luisa", and she's right. When I force myself, I turn out items that I am less than satisfied with. So I need to be patient, but I also need to set myself some goals for holiday shopping. I will publish my list here so I can be held accountable for it. Here it is:
Things I need to make:
more stained glass stars
stained glass ornaments
stained glass nightlights
porcelain bracelets
porcelain necklaces
beach stone bracelets.
One good thing is that I will be teaching an apprentice who should be able to complete some tasks associated with these projects which will make my job easier while at the same time, teaching her valuable necessary skills.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First day of the week

Tuesday is my Monday. That is, because I don't work on Mondays, Tuesdays are the first day of the work week for me. I've come to realize that no matter how much you love what you do, the first day of the week is always a bummer. Thankfully, I have the luxury of being my own boss and therefore can lower the expectations I create for myself on this transition day. So when Tuesdays come along, I tend to focus my efforts on non-creative tasks such as catching up on ordering supplies, doing paperwork, and tasks that don't require my creative energy or focus. That way, I ease into my week, I can let the weekend marinate in my mind, and by Wednesday, I am ready to get back to "work". I do struggle with the idea that doing the paperwork and resting my creative mind is a legitimate task. I think the very strong work ethic that has been handed down to me from my family is largely responsible for this. Then I remind myself that the mundane tasks need to be completed and that it is part of what allows my business to exist. So really, I am still working, just not creating.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today's blog, "The Zone".

I have been known to advise my friends when they are working on some sort of project that, "it will always take you longer than you expect". Even though I know this, I still underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to complete a project. Inevitably, something goes awry; a drill bit snaps, you cut your hand, you've run out of the type of solder you need, used the last screw that is the perfect size and shape, etc. When this happens, I suggest you take a break. Go for a walk, do some deep breathing, go back to it later. It will still be there. This can be hard to do, for if you are like me, when you find yourself in what I call "the zone", it feels as if there is some sort of instant bonding glue keeping you attached to that work. It becomes personal. Its between you and the project, and you are determined not to give in.
On those rare times when I have been able to rip myself away, I am always grateful that I have. Like now. I was working on something that keeps breaking. Writing this blog has assisted me in not screwing up a project more. Now my time is up and I must return. My head is clear and I am ready to face it again and conquer.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I will use this blog spot to keep you all updated as to what is going on at ARGENTUM as well as a space for me to publicly announce my thoughts, ideas, etc. NOW that I have you all captivated. Here is my first entry.

I have been preparing for the holiday season by feverishly creating jewelry for the shop, as well as doing custom work. Just finished a big wholesale order for the shop GREEN INK in Wickford, RI. Go check it out. I also will be featured in the November issue of the new magazine SO Rhode Island. I think they are online as well.

This Fall, Argentum received several new artists, please check out the website and look under the section that reads "new artists".
Oil and acrylic abstracts by Gregory Ricci, Raku and Ceramic art by Deb Lang Beaudoin, giclee prints by Janet McCraw, etc. Oh, and come check out my new pride and joy, a salvaged old beautiful sink that I made into a display with the handiwork of master woodworker, Corwin Butterworth

Anyway, I think that is it for now.....oh, I was recently granted permission to link to Miranda July's website....I'm so excited....please, please, please do yourselves a favor and check her out, read her books and see her movies...... She was recently interviewed by BUST magazine One of my new favorite mags.
I knew I would forget something. Every 2-3 months, one of Argentum's artists will use their unique creative talents to design a new window display. They get to feature their own work while incorporating the art of others to reflect the spirit of Argentum. This season's window was designed and executed by Melanie Madden. Melanie paints, sews, cooks (and, yes I do consider cooking as an artform). Check out her work in the shop and stop by the display window at night. It looks awesome. Thanks for all your hard work.
Ok this is really it. I need to work and so do you.